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"The CIC crew knew what we wanted and knew that we demanded the best from them – and they delivered. I would certainly recommend them and use them again."

Tony Behr, President
Behr, McCarter & Potter, P.C.



  Behr, McCarter, & Potter, P.C      

Named one of the ten best Commercial Litigation firms and the ten best Medical Malpractice Defense firms in St. Louis by U.S. News and World Report®, when Behr, McCarter & Potter, P.C. recently had an opportunity to expand their over-crowded office space by acquiring the adjoining space, they took it! Unfortunately, for the two spaces to become a functional whole, the entirety would have to be refitted and remodeled … with no disruption to the demanding "business as usual" that is integral to every day at Behr.

Off Hours with No Downtime
With over 16 new offices and a new library to be constructed, the kitchen to be demolished and expanded, three conference rooms to be remodeled, and painting and new flooring to be installed throughout, a job like this could only be accomplished outside of the law firm's extended and varying working hours.
Commercial Installation & Construction (CIC) was brought on board to project manage and lead the construction efforts on this open remodel. Critical to success was the very careful planning and execution of each day, allowing for complete flexibility to Behr personnel regarding working hours. Alex Siesener, Project Manager for CIC, explained that they would begin after the last employee had left the area and only disrupt the portion of the office they were going to complete that night. "The carpet team would take all of the furniture up, paint, lay new carpet, then return all of the furnishings exactly as they should be - all without interrupting the day-to-day process at Behr, McCarter & Potter."

Demolitions and Relocations
CIC also left the kitchen in full operation during the day, but were able to expand the space, frame the new walls, add technology, and put in new flooring and ceiling pads with minimal disruption.

Demolishing the dividing wall between the existing space and the newly acquired space allowed them to create a unified whole. It also allowed relocation of their existing library to the new space … thereby creating space for a new conference room where the old library had been. Additionally, the new space also added enough square footage for sixteen new offices.

Continuing with Business as Usual
Through careful orchestration and execution of each step and every detail of the process, CIC was able to complete this entire transformation without disruption to a very busy office that didn't have time to spare. And Behr, Potter… was able to continue to focus on their area of excellence, providing the superior service their clients expect in more comfortable and functional surroundings.


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