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"We would recommend CIC to anyone who needs new office space done quickly and efficiently and with a high level of quality"

Kevin Token
BSA Senior Director

  BSA LifeStructures      

Designed for Body, Spirit & Mind
BSA LifeStructures designs facilities that support, enhance and inspire healing, learning and discovery. Facilities that are lifestructures. No surprise when you walk into their newly remodelled, St. Louis facility. It, too, was designed for body spirit and mind, with soft pastel colors on the walls and work stations, glass work boards, custom-designed carpet walkways, and open areas that let you see from one end of this architecture firm to the other.

Due to their unique vision and belief, BSA needed a partner company that could work within their values to create the physical embodiment of their goals. As a result, they chose CIC (Commercial Installation & Construction) as their partner, both during the design phase as well as for some of the design. "BSA LifeStructures designed the fit-out for our St. Louis office in the summer of 2011," explains Kevin Token, Senior Director at BSA. "We decided to work with CIC based on the fact that they had a good
reputation and similar vision."

Renew, Re-Use, & Repurpose
In order to best reflect their values and stay within their budget, BSA re-used and/or re-purposed much of the furniture, doors, frames, hardware, and glass from their previous space to create an open, very contemporary setting in the new one. Their creativity in the overall plan and vision was unlimited. CIC was
the workhorse brought in to repurpose old glass from workstations and re- configure it into useable whiteboards in the open spaces - as well as to recycle glass paneling into wall art in the new kitchen area. CIC also worked on the new construction of modern, concave wall dividers, a café area, the reception
desk and area, and the installation of over 40 new workstations. They further worked within the BSA value structure by recycling all packaging and ensuring that waste was kept to a minimum.

On Task, On Time & On Budget
Another BSA core value is to achieve measurable outcomes through metrics- driven design solutions. CIC was able to comply by performing on task, on time and on budget.

Through involvement during the design phase, CIC became a collaborator in creating a workable, feasible plan that maximized re-use and minimized waste. When BSA faced the threat that their lease on their previous space was running out earlier than expected, CIC was able to turn the fit-out of the new space around in just two short months. That meant moving the entire firm in early while working around BSA's clients' time schedules. No downtime. No disruptions. And despite the deadline, all of this was accomplished on budget.

As Kevin Token concludes, "We had a deadline for when we had to be out of our current space. Once construction started, it moved very quickly. Alex Seisner (CIC Project Manager) was attentive to our demands in the time frame needed. We love our new space, and get great comments from everyone who visits."


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